Appeal to the People of the Caucasus

The latest events in the Caucasus Region undeniably show that colonial politics of Moscow against the Caucasus have not changed. Only the tactics have changed. The Russian leadership is still possessed by the idea of the Great Empire, but in a new “democratic” appearance. The true democrats of Russia are stripped of decision making.

ჯოხარThe firm will of the Georgian nation, the formation of the Confederation of highland people of the Caucasus, the change of the political situation in Azerbaijan, and the firm rate of Chechnya all force Moscow to speed up its plans in the Caucasus. That’s why instead of 366th motorized infantry battalions, who killed thousands of civilian residents, landing troops were transferred to Karabakh. That’s why they hurried to announce the creation of the so called professional Georgian army, while it’s not a secret that these “professionals” have no business in Georgia or to the Georgian nation. This is why the information war declared on the Chechen Republic was launched simultaneous with preparations of war. That’s why the separation of Chechnya -Ingushetia is getting ready by the Russian scenario. The main goal of all these preparations is to widen the zone of military conflict in Karabakh to the whole Caucasus. The task of Russian leadership is to weaken the Caucasus by mutual enmity, while the battle for power in Moscow is in progress.
Our goal and our aim are to prevent planned combat, to unite against outward danger in the name of the future of the Caucasus and its nations. The Union of Caucasian States must become the guarantor for such independence.
We are calling the leaders of Caucasian republics to conference, where impending danger will be discussed and to accept cardinal arrangements for the unification of our nations. We must demand immediate banishment of all Moscow’s unbidden commissars, immediate military pullout of all armies of the CIS, to create a local, unified armed force, and to call for permanent observers from the U.N.O., UN and states of the former Soviet Union.
Wake up Caucasus!
Today our future is being decided!
President of the Chechen Republic
Dzhoxar Dudaev
*The newspaper “Kavkazskiy Dom” (Caucasus House), Number: 5, 15 March 1992, Grozny


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